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About Us

Soils for the Future Africa (SftFA) works in partnership with its sister company Soils for the Future Tanzania, as well as its partner, CarbonSolve to address problems related to soil - the source of nutrients and water for plant production in agriculture, livestock production, biodiversity conservation, and human livelihoods.

A key indicator of soil health is the amount of its carbon-rich organic matter. SftFA and CarbonSolve have launched a 1.5 million hectare soil carbon project in the Kajiado District of Kenya’s southern rangelands region. The goal is to advance rangeland carbon projects and create a sustainable financing mechanism that will support decades of rangeland restoration efforts for priority project areas. Learn more about the project here


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Find information on the Soils for the Future Africa Team below

Jackson Kirkardi, Country Director: Jackson is in charge of field operations and coordination efforts in Kenya. He has extensive experience with field operations including animal biodiversity, vegetation, and soil measurements. Jackson has been working on carbon projects for the past twelve years, working closely with CarbonSolve partner Mark Ritchie.


Purity Lesinko, Finance and Compliance: Purity was born and raised at Imbirikani location, went to Noonkopir girls’ high school. Later she attended  KCA University and obtained a degree in commerce and also acquired CPA section 4. She specializes in accounts and finance. She has 5 years of professional experience working at different organizations within the area.  Before joining Soils F.T.F Africa, Purity worked with Habitat for Humanity Kenya as a finance assistant dealing with financial records and receipting of organization expenditures.


Wilson Kasaine, Monitoring and Evaluation: Wilson has 17 years experience as a professional safari guide who specializes in ornithology and has an incredible knowledge of the native species. Wilson is passionate about his home country, and is always keen to share his detailed knowledge of East Africa’s fauna and flora. He also specializes in elephant research. Wilson works with BRI under the Biodiversity Research Program, as well as for the Soils for the Future Africa team.


Joshua Kasaine Nkomea, Office Assisant: Joshua was born and raised at Kimana, Lemong'o village. He attended Namelok primary school, and later Ilkisonko boys’ high school. He volunteered for Amref Kenya as a peer educator for one year. He also worked at Child Fund Kenya as sponsor relation officer (SRO) for 2 years. He joined Sentrim hotel and Lodges where he trained in several departments including house keeping, front office and laundry department. He was pormoted to assistant housekeeper/receptionist. Joshua is currently working for Soils for the Future Africa Kenya, in the capacity of office assistant. He assists in the office. filling and arranging program receipts and also works as security for the head office to ensure our premises is secure.


Charity Siyiote Taiko, Human Resource Manager: Charity Taiko was born and raised in Kimana. Shea ttended Merrueshi Maasai secondary School, and later Maasai Mara University where she pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Resource Management. She has 2 years of professional work experience, working in different organizations. Charity has worked at Kenya Prisons Service as a Human Resource Development Officer II. She also worked at The Kenya Power $Lighting CO. LTD as a HR graduate trainee. Charity is also a member of the Institute of Human Resource Management.


Justus Keton Senteu, Grazing Coordinator Supervisor, Amboslei Region: Justus currently works as grazing coordinator supervisor in the Amboseli region. He is in charge of community engagements and capacity building meetings on carbon project and its potential benefits. Previously, he has worked with the Kenya Veterinary Association, funded by Brooke U.K. as a community development officer. He was responsible of initiating community trainings on donkey welfare issues. Before joining Soils for the Future Africa he worked with Simba Cement Company in Emali as a Supervisor for one and half year, supervising more than five hundred casual laborers for phase two construction. He is skilled in bringing communities together and a range of other local authorities to support the achievement of agreed community goals.


Loise Sein Matindi, Office Administrator Assisant: Sein was born and raised in the Osoit village, went to Kimana secondary school and later the University of Nairobi to pursue a bachelor of arts degree in environmental studies. She has five (5) years working experience in different private organizations as a sales officer. Sein is currently working for Soils for future Africa Kenya in the capacity of assistant office administrator. She does data monitoring from grazing coordinators and also in the CTO app.


Peter Nangunin, Communications Director: Peter was born and raised in Lenkisem village, and attended Ikisonko secondary school and later Mount Kenya University. He graduated with a degree in communication, and a diploma in journalism and mass communication. He specializes in mass communication and public relations and has 6 years of professional experience.  Peter is skilled in both videography and photography as one of his areas of specialization, as well as research and report writing.  Peter has different publications by different newspapers i.e. The Star Newspaper and Taifa Leo. He worked at the National Museum of Kenya and later at County Government of Kajiado department of communication (Governor Press Unit).


Richard Koole Peneti, Monitoring and Evaluation: Richard Peneti works as Programs Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant. He is a highly qualified teacher, trainer and environmentalist who advocates for proper and sustainable management of natural resources. He is skilled in program monitoring and evaluation. Additionally, he is a passionate advocate and voice for the promotion of peaceful coexistence between wildlife and communities. Rirchard has an excellent understanding of community participation in environmental matters and strong skills in project management, data collection, and analysis. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in development studies from The Management University of Africa and a diploma in project management from Kenya Institute of Manangement (KIM). He also holds a Primary Teacher Education Certificate (PTEC) from Mosoriot Teachers Training College. Previously, Richard worked for Dupoto E Maa, Women Educational Researchers of Kenya and Education Development Trust Africa as a teacher trainer and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.


Amos Matirong, Community Liason Officer: Amos holds a bachelor's degree in Education from the University of Nairobi. He is an astute community development professional with a career lifespan of more than 6 years in designing and implementing livelihoods, advocacy, conservation and civic engagement programmes. He has 5 years of experreince working with two different institutions.


Esther Tom Metian, House Keeper: Esther was born and raised in Kajiado, ad lives at Olkeri Community land. She when to AIC Girls school in Kajiado, and then attended Noonkopir Girls secondary school. She later attended the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) where she attained a diploma in Business Management. Esther has over 5 years work experience working with World Vision as a student trainee and acted in the position of a sponsor relation officer. She also worked with the Child Fund Kenya Loodokilani Project as a Sponsor Relation Officer before joined SFTFA.


Kipees Francis Kaipon, Grazing Coordinator Supervisor, Magadi Region: Francis was born in Imbirikani, Nasipa village, and attended Oloitokitok boys high school and The Kenya Institute of Management. He pursued a diploma in human resource management. Initially Francis was working with Oloolaiser water and sewerage company as an assistant human resource manager before joining Soils for the future Africa Kenya. He has 3 years of working experience, and is currently working for Soils for the Future Africa Kenya, in the capacity of a grazing coordinator supervisor, Magadi region in particular. He assists the communities in grazing management plans and ensures grazing principles are adhered to.


Joyce Likamanir, Office Administrator: Mrs. Joyce Naipanoi Likama holds a diploma in front office operations and guest relations from Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology. She is a performance-driven leader with over 8 years’ experience in providing high-level administrative and operational support, coordinating schedules, preparing travel documents, while acting as a liaison between senior executives, vendors, team members, and community organizations. She has a reputation for driving efficiency and detail, remaining calm and calibrated in high-stress environments, and delivering best results.

Grazing Coordinators - Amboseli Region


Leonardo Kirrinkol Ntooki was born and raised in the Olgulului location. He attended Olkejuado high school and later to Kenyatta University where he attained a diploma in business management. He has over two years of work experience working in different institutions. He was previously working at safaricom as a sales agent and he also worked at IEBC as a clerk.


James Tipape was born at Meshenani village in Lenkisem location, and attened Olmoti primary school and later Merrueshi Maasai high school. He joined Laikipia University to pursue a diploma in business administration. James worked at Limrock hotel in Machakos as asupervisor for one year, and at Lenkisem Clinical Health Centre as an office administrator. James has 3 years professional experience.


Jackson Oloibon was born in Eselenkei group ranch in the Amboseli region. He joined Enkijape boarding primary school in the Imbirikani group ranch. He later joined Kasikeu Boys high school. He has helped the community as a parent teacher and later attendedt Vision Institute pf Professional Study to pursue accounting. He then joined his community as a group ranch committee leader and grazing committee coordinator.


Joseph Oloiparuni Merishi was born in the Amboseli region and raised in Entonet. He attended Kimana secondary school and later on proceeded to Gretsa University to attain a bachelor of business administration degree. He has over five years of experience in various institutions, and has worked as an account clerk at Imbaruetin Community Complex school.


Isaak lesinko lulunken was born in Loolakerr location. He attended Olmapitet Manhae secondary school and later Masinga Institute of Professional Studies where he attained a certificate in supply chain management. He has worked in different organizations and institutions including Safaricom, agent shops, and IEBC. Before joining Soils for The Future Africa, he was completed a graduate e course in procurement and supply chain management. He is currently working at Soils for the Future Africa as a Grazing Coodinator at Olgulului Olalarashi G/R, loolakerr grazing block.


Kantai Oloitiptip holds a degree in tourism management from Kenyatta University and is currently undertaking a masters in climate change and sustainability from the same institute. He is a self-starting, highly motivated, business professional, with great ability to work in a collabortive environment.


Wilson Shapashina Koimerek was born at Olandi village, Eselenkei location, in a very humble background with a traditional family, and grew up in the same village. He attened Olandi primary school, and Wesley secondary school education. In 2018 he joined Regional Teachers Training College for a diploma in Early Childhood Development. He worked as a teacher is an employed Game Watcher.


Samunke Sakui was born in Namelok village,Olgulului group ranch, Amboseli region. He attened Amboseli primary school, then Oloitokitok boys’ high school and later joined the Keyna Institute of Management Studies to pursue a diploma in purchasing and supplies management (procurement). He has worked for We4kenya for 8 months and worked for Wild Elegant for 3 months as an intern for sales and procurement department. He has 2 years of experience.


Jeremiah Sabore Kuseren was born and raised in Entonet. He attended Olchorro high school and later attended Petanns Institute of Advanced Driving in Kiambu County. He has over five years of work experience and is currently a grazing coordinater in the Amboseli region.

Grazing Coordinators - Magadi Region


Charles Tinkoi Kinayia was born in Ilparakuo village, Magadi location. Tinkoi attended Patterson Memorial high school and later joined Railway Training Institute (RTI) and pursued a diploma in supply chain management. Initially, Tinkoi was working with Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project as procurement sub committee chair; the project aimed to increase agricultural productivity and build resilience to climate change risks in the targeted smallholder farming and pastoral communities. He has 1 year of working experience and is currently working for Soils for the Future Africa Kenya, in the capacity of a grazing coordinator, Olkeri community land. He assists the communities in grazing management plans and ensure grazing principles are adhered to.


A grazing coordinator in Mailua, Benson is passionate about working with communities. Born in 1996 in Emotoroki in the Mailua group ranch, Benson went to primary school in his village, and to a secondary school in Makueni County. He herded his family's livestock and then became an entrepreneur after completing high school and driving school two years ago.


Solomon was born and grew up in Shompole. He attended Patterson Memorial secondary school and later joined Kenya Institute of Management where he attained diploma in business management. He has over 3 years of work experience, working in different organization and institutions. Before joining Soils for the Future Africa, Solomon worked at Shompole Wilderness Camp as mess steward/waiter, He also work with I-CAN as research assistant and with Magadi Tata Chemical Limited Company as washery assistant operator. He is currently working as a grazing coordinator in the Shompole community land


Sikampe Koinange was born and raised in Koora. He attended to Patterson Memorial Secondary school and later joined Masai Technical Training Institute and attained a diploma in Civil Engineering. He has over four years working experience in different fields of work i.e. Kipeto windfarm as a road inspector, and with Kimfay East Africa Ltd. He is currently working with Soils for the Future Africa as a grazing coordinator for Oldonyonyokie group ranch.


Lesusu was born in Eluanata in Kajiado central, and he attended Eluanata primary school. He later joined Olkejiado high school, and proceeding to look after cattle for a period of one-half year.


Dancan Saidimu was born and raised in Oloisinyai, Olkiramatian. He went to Olkiramatian Arid Zone primary school and later joined Patterson Memorial secondary school. He worked with the Mkopa Company as an agent for one year, and then joined Patterson Memorial secondary school as canteen a manager for three years, and Soralo as a scout ranger for five months.


Kirukunye Joseph Napidiya was born and raised in Shompole West, in the Pakase Sub-location. He attended Shompole primary, then Loodariak high school. He joined the Kenya Institute of Management for Business Management to obtain a diploma in Purchasing and Supply chain, and is currently at Management University of Africa for a degree. He has worked at; Pakase Primary School as a PTA Teacher, as a personal assistant to Deputy Speaker and MCA MAGADI WARD, and as a World vision enumerator and IEBC as a Clerk and DPO.


Jacob Shinaai Marikiti was born in Olkiramatian in the Magadi ward from Masai tribe. He atteneed Olkiramatian Primary school in 2000-2008. He later attended Oloirien secondary school from 2009-2012. After high school worked at Olkiramatian primary school as preschool teacher. He joined Mwande ECDE training institute for his certificate. Currently, he is working with Soils for the Future Africa as an Olkiramatian Group Ranch Grazing Coordinator.



Paul Rayiani Ntuyai grew up in Enkaji Naibor, Imbirikani.He attended Isinet primary school and later joined St Valentine high school. He worked at AID Village Clinic Mbirikani as a driver, and he also worked as a pharmacist in the same clinic. Paul has over 10 years work experience working in different institutions as a driver.


Isaya K. Parkoeri was born and raised in Kimana, and attended Machakos high school. He the attended Nakuru Sensei institute of Technology College as a plant operator. He has over 15 years of work experience, and has worked for multiple organizations including the Danjo Project, Engineering Limited, Inkoroshoni KAG church, Kimana Girl secondary schoo, and OCWR as a senior driver and ranger security officer. He is currently working for Soil for the Future Africa as a driver and in office administrator.


Jackson Kaayia was born and grew up in Shombole, and attended Shombole primary school, then loodokilani secondary school. He worked at Polaris Seseimic International as a line crew supervisor and was also chairperson of Shombole Land Community Trust. He has six years of experience.

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